Quote of the Week: William Blake

Poet and visionary painter William Blake inspires us today to find that place of authenticity in our art through the power of persistence and determination.

How much do you persist in your inner exploration?

 Most of the time we focus too much on outer demonstrations of our abilities, but we dont recognize that your true magic is inside yourself. It is not about what do you, but why you do it.

We are all fools, and the Tarot teaches us constantly. We are the space of potential, the symbolic "0" that is both empty and full, the eternal student of the mysteries.

In order to find your unique style and path, you need to constantly observe yourself. In ths way you will have a clear vision of your "foolishness". 

It is not about the goal. Maybe you will never reach the "success" that you want, because maybe your path and achievements are not in that way. A lot of people get frustrated because they are not "famous" or "creative enough". Dont compare yourself to others, just use your own "present self" as a baseline so you can advance to your "future self".

Plant powerful seeds, and observe them grow to your own pace.

The invitation for this week: Write ONE declaration/affirmation for your future in Mystery Performance, and develop your persistence through that focus. 



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