Quote of the Week: Friedrich Nietzsche

Today we invite master philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche and his views in art as the basic and essential metaphysical human activity. 

What is your Art?

We can assume that Magic and/or Mentalism is part of your exploration, but there is SO much more that you can integrate into your own work. Music, painting, sculpting, poetry, comedy, cooking, and literally any of your activities can be observed through the artistic lens. Art is the human endeavour that opens our awareness to the deeper potential of life, is the subjective expression of beauty that can unify us as humankind.

Anything can be art in the mind of an artist. Excellence, presence, vulnerability, authenticity and technical mastery are some of the fundamental aspects in order to become an artist. Art is both objective and subjective, that is why we need to study our masters in order to find that unique way.

Play, explore, find meaning in every artistic moment and expand your possibilities.

Have an artistic week! 

(The Birth of Tragedy is a great document to learn more about this philosophical aspects of art)


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