Xmas Gift

More than things, I love to offer "experiences" as gifts. Things decay, experiences are for life, and our Mystery Performances can offer beautiful experiences for others.
I bought concert tickets for my wife (Coldplay comes next year to Chile), so today I will do this:

5 blank cards, one of them says "Coldplay next year!", the other cards contain just funny gifts: "a beautiful right shoe, the left one next year". Ask your participant to mix them and take some decisions. At the end, as you can imagine, she will decide for one. The others one will be read outloud (to stretch the suspense and to add some laughs). Finally she will read her decision, receiving her gift.

The core method? You can use Equivoque (you can learn more at the "Equivoque Online Course") , PATEO Force, the "Suggestion Force" (available at Ideas about  Pendulums) or any similar method of your preference.

Enjoy this simple idea, and blessed holidays for you and loved ones!


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