Quote of the Week: Manly P. Hall

Today we invite esoteric writer and master of mysteries Manly P. Hall to our "Quote of the Week"

Mentalism is not just about tricks, right? You can learn a LOT from esoteric sources and the mystic arts (this concept was used by Annemann to describe our own practices!) 

What is symbolism? 
What is a symbol? 
Why should I care as Magician or Mentalist?

A symbol is a token of meaning, a projection of the unconscious, something external that allows us to observe the internal, anything that signifies something much larger than what we immediately know
Even though symbols are expressed through geometric forms, human, semi-human figures, gods and goddesses, animals and plants (Carl Jung) everything contains symbolic meaning. 

Symbology is the study of symbols, but symbolism is something else. There are many ways to define symbolism, let me share with you one definition that can help you to understand the importance of symbolism in Mystery Performance:

" Symbolism is the use of symbols to signify ideas and qualities by giving them symbolic meanings that are different from their literal sense"

We need to re-connect with the importance of symbolism, only in that way we are able to push the limits of our Mystery Performance in a deeper and higher way.

 When we are aware of the symbols in our performance, we are able to polish those scripts, actions and experiences, offering a better performance. The rational mind, the analytical thinking is great, but it is nothing without the emotional and intuitive.

 We can know how to read letters and words, but if we dont go deeper, we will believe that the only reality is the explicit surface of things.

Go deeper, reflect about your routines, what is the meaning and communication implied in your performances. You dont need more techniques, gimmicks or tricks. You want them, and that is fine of course, but what we need is to reflect what we already do, so we can do it better.

Are you interested in practical symbolism for Mystery Performers?
Check the "Symbolic Artifacts" book!

Thanks Hall for your powerful legacy!



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