Quote of the Week: Niels Bohr

The deeper the science, the closest to the mysteries...

Today we invite quantum physicist Niels Bohr to our "Quote of the Week".

What is "real" is just a relative perspective. Mentalism, Magic and all Mystery Performance is not about doing the impossible, but doing the possible. Pushing the limits of mysterious and real experiences.

Reality in itself, as Niels says, is fundamentally a pure Mystery. Our potential is apparently infinite and open in the act of exploration. 

Reality is just a consensus. There is no such thing as "supernatural", just unknown natural. Go beyond performance and BE a Mentalist, only in that way you will DO in an authentic manner. We are the ones that can bend reality, we can show with simple mind games that the limits are imaginary.

Lets explore what is real this 2022!

Thanks Niels for your wonderful inspiration. 



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