Quote of the Week: Miles Davis

Master Jazz musician Miles Davis shares with us today a fascinating observation about quality in art. 

What makes good music? 
What makes good magic?
What makes good mentalism?

I will share with you three concepts that you can reflect during the week:

I. Excellence

One of the essential aspects in my view is the constant pursue of excellence. You can do better and be better as soon as you embrace excellence as value. Seeing deeper, imagining higher potential in each of your performance pieces can open for you a new depth of study and understanding.

Is not just about doing the core method correctly, anyone can do that. The true exploration comes as soon as your offer from your own unique authenticity. Yes, sounds complex at the beginning, but if you enter to this practice, you will find fascinating simplicity in just allowing your self to express through your performances.

II. Sophistication

Other concept that I can share with you that I found highly important is sophistication. Yes, we can do just the core method of our performance piece and we can fool our audience. If you just want to do that, go for it; but if you are open observe in a more careful way, you will find powerful subtleties that you can add to your performance, adding layers of congruency in your overall Outer Reality.

III. Artistry

 I have seen several guys like you on Instagram and Tik Tok...
So what?

Your unique expression cant be copied. They can imitate you, but no one can be like you. Only you have this powerful opportunity to explore your artistic potential. With this I dont mean that you need to be "arty" or just pretentious, but be your best artistic self, managing both mind and soul in a balanced way.

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Thanks Miles for the great inspiration! 



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