Quote of the Week: Joseph Campbell

This week, a simple and profound insights from mythos master Joseph Campbell. If you are interested in symbolism and the impact of mythology in our daily life, you will enjoy his work.

Art is a powerful human endeavour that elevates our ontological state. We are more than mere mammals moved just by instinct and survival. Art explores our human potential, allows us to go beyond cultural limitations. Art connects us to body, mind, emotions and spirit in an universal and beautiful way.

Mystery Performance can be an art, and that is only dependant on us as performers. There is no such thing as art, just artists.

Normally in Magic in Mentalism the exclusive focus is in the material, physical, rational. That is not art, just speech.
Art moves us to experience, that unique moment of deeper involvement and projection.

Go beyond speech, "fooling", "deceiving" and lets reach artistic levels in our performance. If you know the "Tree Model", you understand the "fruit" dimension as the space of authenticity, meaning and of course, art.

This week, go deeper. Take some time off and dont learn a new "trick", but embody a principle that allows you to re-understand your tricks.

If you need our assistance, as always our Online Courses, Books (especially "Symbolic Artifacts" for this fascinating topic) and eBook are available for your learning experience.

Thanks Joseph for your powerful inspiration! 



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