The power of imagination

How often do you integrate the imagination as a true mental skill in your performance?

Sometimes the word "imagination" is associated with childish and immature notions, and sadly that leads us to believe that imagination "is not real" or other highly reductionistic explanation of the imaginal.

If you study the works of Neville Goddard, you will understand the power of imagination in an esoteric manner, but we have the fantastic advantage of experiencing the true power of imagination in our Mystery Performances.

Everytime we use suggestion not just as a linguistic technique, but a way of being in performance, we are activating the imagination of our participant and audience, allowing them to experience a new felt reality.

If you do metal bending for example, you know that although the visual aspects is intriguing and fascinating, the mental aspects are even more relevant.

"can you feel that, right?
The power of your imagination leads you to the potential of your reality"

Thats a beautiful and sincere line that you can use in your next performance.
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The power of imagination can be also observed not just in your Outer Reality, but most importantly, in your Inner Reality.

How do you imagine your performance?
How do you imagine yourself performing?
What feelings can you feel?

We can rehearse with our props in hand as if we are on stage performing but we can also rehearse in our minds using the power of imagination. Do it and you will explore the potential of your own mind to visualize that potential future.

Explore your imagination, study the mental sciences and expand your possibilities! 


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