Quote of the Week: Seneca

Today we remember the great stoic master Seneca (if you have our Stoic Book Test, you know this quote) 

Sometimes the word "power" has a negative definition of asymmetry and control towards others, but from a constructive definition of the word, all human beings can be empowered, and a powerful potential of Mentalism as artform is the experiential metaphorization of the true power of our mind.

Having a powerful mind, or feeling the mind as a source of power is not a deception or a lie. It is indeed a true skill that you can master through practice, experience and reflection.

Cultivate the power of your mind not just in performance but also in life, you will then learn that life is a performance and performance is life.

We can develop our serenity both in normal life and in performance, nothing controls you. You can manage all situations because you are able to connect to the power of your mind to find balance even in complex situations.
You can develop the mind power of "influence", both to block toxic influences from your environment and to influence others in powerful, beautiful and healing ways. With practice you can even receive those toxics as medicines.

Self knowledge, discipline, gratefulness, emptiness, wisdom, boldness, genuine confidence and much more can be achieved through the conscious management of that space that we call "mind".

You already do this in your magic and mentalism, explore it in a deeper and powerful manner!
If you need assistance, remember that our "Mentalism Course" is available for you (and if you are open to a life-changing experience, the Mind Mastery Course is for you).

Thanks Seneca for your constant inspiration! 


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