Quote of the Week: Theo Annemann

At the beginning of his masterpiece "Extra Sensory Perception" (from the Jinx) our master Theo Annemann shares this powerful and true statement. 

If you have real world experience performing, you know that the telepathic connection is always a fascinating exploration, and especially the classic "Drawing Duplication" dynamic has a beautiful visual element that adds an extra factor to your performance.

That is why we offer our "Arkanosophy Symbol Deck" as a modern and practical option if you are interested to create telepathic connection with your participants using simple and powerful symbols. 

What is the difference between a drawing and a symbol?

Visually, they are the same, but in their essence they are very different. If you observe the drawing just as a drawing, it is a combination of lines that represent an object. It works and creates the mysterious moment of telepathy, no doubt. But if you open your mind to the symbolic implications of that drawing, you are opening a new world of conversation and appreciation.

The main difference, is you own awareness of the symbolic richness of the drawing.

A symbol goes deeper and it can work as a visual bridge towards new moments of telepathy and interpretation. Lets imagine that you are doing your favorite Drawing Duplication using blank cards (you can learn several ways to do this from "B´Cards" ) and the participant focus in a flower.

The flower is there as drawing, but if you open the symbolic conversation, you are able to extend the experience of mystery beyond telepathy, creating a fascinating human connection using the apparent superhuman telepathic ability.

That is why we agree with Theo. A simple, direct and meaningful drawing duplication can be a true memorable experience.

Study, practice, rehearse and share with the world your best performances!
And if you are interested in learning more about practical symbolism for Mystery Performance, check "Symbolic Artifacts

Thanks Theo for your perennial inspiration 


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