Quote of the Week: Fritz Perls

Today we explore the potential inspiration of this fantastic understanding from Fritz Perls, psychiatrist, psychoanalyst and psychotherapist, founder of Gestalt Therapy with his wife Laura Perls.

Anytime we learn a new method, a new technique, a new piece for our repertoire, we assume that the learning process is done, and that assumption in itself limits our potential. That is only the beginning!

Learning the trick is not enough, you need to explore the mystery of that trick in order to truly learn the potential of your performance.

Performance is also a learning experience, a moment in which you are discovering what is possible through your techniques and the natural fruits of your practice and previous rehearsals. 

Even after the performance we learn through our own reflection (from memory or even better, seeing a recording of yourself) and from others feedback (director´s note for example) how we can re-enter to the fundamental aspects of our performance so we can reach deeper potential.

A challenge for your week: Take a routine that you "already learnt" and re-study it not just in a theoretical way, but most important, practice one.
GO and perform that "old piece" and be aware of the new potential that emerges through this conscious action of go deeper in your learning experience.

Last week we had a great one-hour Zoom session with a student that wanted to improve his billet work. We covered several techniques (classic CT, Minimal CT approach from Simply Mental, peeks, switches and other ideas) and we even rehearse some of his pieces, bringing new learnings to apply in future performances 

If you want to polish your repertoire and understandings, go to 
http://mentalismcenterskypesessions.blogspot.com/ and choose your preferred option!

Thanks Dr. Perls for being here-and-now with us!



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