Quote of the Week: Kenton Knepper

 Powerful words from Kenton that can inspire us to search for meaning, uniqueness and the deeper aspects of Mystery Performance.

Everyone can do the latest trick available, and yes, the visuals can be great and people will dont know how it is done...but is that it?

Of course not, that is only the beginning. Now that you mastered your performance piece (no matter what) now comes the true inner work that can open for you new paths of authenticity. 

In our "Authentic Performance Videocourse" you will learn powerful insights that you can apply in your own path as Mystery Performer in order to bring a new sense of uniqueness and authenticness. Sounds like too much work, but it is truly simple. Yes, it takes some extra reflections but you will be able to reach a fascinating exploration that can offer you both commercial and artistic value to your opus. 

Thanks Kenton for your wonder-full inspiration!



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