Quote of the Week: Tony Andruzzi

Today we invoke the power of the dark side through Tony Andruzzi in order to bring the fascinating force of Bizarre Magick into our personal practices. 

Maybe you are just an amateur card magician or just an novice in the psychic arts but we dont need to agree completely with other way of understanding in order to learn, right?

If you know about Tony´s approach, he considers himself a 24/7 Mystery Performer, not just as a "be ready to do your card trick" but understanding mystery as an ontological guidance. 

You are not just doing Mentalism, you ARE Mentalism
 You are not just as Magician, you ARE MAGIC

He creates a clear difference between a magician as a stage role and a magicians a state of being.

This means that I need to become a witchcraft expert full of arcane symbols? 
Not at all! (if you want, you are free to do it of course)

Each Mystery Performer can encounter an unique way to perform his/her pieces. Our masters and mentors offer us their own way as inspiration. Go and find your own authentic manner.

Are you open to be a man/woman of mystery?
Are you exploring your own authenticity as Mystery Performer?

In "Bizarro", our newest publication from my friend Aaron Vlack, you will learn the essentials of Bizarre Magick so you can explore the mysterious power of the strange side of mystery.

Thanks Tony for your bizarre inspiration!



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