Quote of the Week: Alfred Hitchock

Alfred Hitchcock was an English filmmaker, a master of suspense and a highly fascinating creative force in the arts.

There is no doubt that for us as Mystery Performers the notion of a script is both relevant and sadly, a distant reality. Most people in Magic and Mentalism dont use a script, but they just "improvise" (a terrible understanding of the word ) what they need to say in order to execute the trick.

A script is not necessarily a written piece of paper with words. I understand that maybe writing is not your "strong skill" and you prefer to use your memory and experience in order to flow during your performance. I know several masters at Magic and Mentalism that trust only in their previous experience and they dont feel the need to write, but in my my experience, a written script has the power to catalyze your performance to new levels of excellence, that is why I always recommend during our "Mentalism Course" the application of this tool in order to truly push our potential beyond our common practice.

That is why we open today the pre-order (50% OFF!) of our new videocourse "Scripting for Mystery Performers", a highly needed conversation in order to push the quality of our art.

Scripting is an essential aspect not just in film-making or theatre, but Magic and Mentalism as well. Bring new power and excellence to your work!

Thanks Alfred for your influence!



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