Quote of the Week: Doug Henning

Today we invite the wonder maker, escape artist (and politician) Doug Henning, with a beautiful insight about the nature of what we can offer in performance.

You can't give what you don't have, that is a principle that is not only aplicable to Mystery Performance, but life itself.

Particularly in our mystic arts, you can communicate a sense of mystery in your acts if you are not embodying Mystery.  

Do you want to talk about the power of the mind?
Learn about that, and most important, practice it in your life!

Do you like to do Zodiac revelations, but you dont nothing about astrology?
Thats (sadly) an incongruence that limits your potential. 

If you see Doug performing, you can FEEL that he truly understand what he is talking, and that level of excellence is also possible in our own work. That is why at Mentalism Center we offer not just the latest mental trick, but most importantly, simple and powerful training in the psychology, philosophy and deeper secrets in Mystery Performance.

If you want to elevate your understanding, be sure to check our books and online courses, in there you will find the deeper richness that you can integrate in your own practices.

The only way to reach authenticity is to truly be authentic. That takes time, money and focus, but let me tell you that at the long term, you will be grateful of your efforts.

If you want to learn more about Authentic Performance, check our latest videocourse!

Thanks Doug for your magical inspiration 


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