Quote of the Week: Lao Tzu

In a world conquered by ego and rational knowledge, this powerful insight from Lao Tzu (Taoist philosopher) is a soft balm for our mind.

Knowing is fantastic, being creative is a fascinating skill to develop, but far more important than that, is to consciously recognize our ignorance. We can know a lot, but the mysteries of the mind, the universe and life are eternal.

Amathia is a powerful greek concept that we can translate as "intelligent stupidity", or "meta ignorance" which is sadly the state of mind for several people. We can be so ignorant, that we ignore our ignorance.

Lets be humble and lets understand that we dont understand (almost) nothing. Thats the root of understanding.

In Mystery Performance this is fundamental. Dont fall into the trap of apparent expertise just because you know how to pretend to be a Mentalist. BE a Mentalist and dont pretend. Whatever you do, do it for real.

Can you read minds? First of all, learn in a deep and experiential manner what is the mind!
Do you want to influence people while doing predictions? Learn in a genuine manner to influence others!

If you want to go deeper in your realism in your Mentalism, the Mentalism Course and our books are for you! 

And if you are interested in applied Taoism in your performance, be sure to check our "Tao Book Test"  



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