Quote of the Week: Carl Jung

Are you aware of the power of symbols in your Mystery Performance?

Carl Jung, the founder of Analytical Psychology and explorer of the imagination shows us today the fundamental importance of symbols and meaning not just in our process of individuation (becoming an integrated Self) but in our case, in the creation of magical and mental experiences.

A symbol is not just a sign, but an universal language of mystery beyond culture and rational understanding. A sign is dead because closes the experiential potential that a symbol has, and as Jung says, a symbol is a living entity waiting for your contemplation (and the attention of you audience of course)

I love the use of the word "pregnant" (also because my wife is in that magical state right now) as if a symbol is a feminine power that is open to receive the projection of our psyche like a seed.

In the book "Symbolic Artifacts" you will find many other fascinating reflections about the power of symbols in our performances, saving you a LOT of study and time. As you can imagine this is a complex topic not because of knowledge perse, but openness (which sadly is not very popular among apparent "skeptics").

Sigils are a very interesting type of symbols, and if you want to learn more about it, you will be glad to know that today starts the pre-order of "Emesqua on Sigils" 

Expand your possibilities and observe your deeper potential. Learn the real mystery of Magic and Mentalism in your own unique experience, and go beyond the norm!

Thanks Master Jung of your constant symbolic inspiration! 


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