Competition & Collaboration

Both competition and collaboration are dynamics that we need to re-understand in order to reach a deeper potential in our Mystery Performance.

Applying the Birreal paradigm we can say that Competition is an Inner Reality and Collaboration is an Outer Reality. If we cultivate our own sense of self-improvement and constant excellence in our techniques, practice and rehearsal we will be able to cultivate an interaction with our participants and audiences that doesnt require a confrontational approach.

Inner Competition, 
Outer Collaboration.

If we place competition in our outer experience as performers, we can get unneeded resistance that can reduce the impact of the experience. As you can see the title of this piece of content is not about confronting both concepts, but being able to conciliate them in a clear manner. Both are relevant, and our task is to clearly understand that our audience loves us and we are grateful of each one of them (as Thurston said). If you want to have friends, be friendly is the "common sense" that we forget.

Be inspired by your Ideal Self (Inner Competition) and bring your best in your Mystery Performance (Outer Collaboration)

If you embrace this state of mind, you will advance in your performance in a very simple and practical way. Practice until you can smile during performance, if you cant connect in an authentic manner with your audience, you need more rehearsal.

If you want to learn more about authenticity, check our "Authentic Performance Videocourse" and explore your true potential.

We dont need to be the girl from the meme, struggling and fighting against others. Just be open and authentic. Love your audience and they will love you back.



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