Quote of the Week: Seneca

Today we invite the Roman Stoic Philosopher Seneca with his interesting reflection about "luck" as a dynamic between the inner and outer realities.

From a naive perspective, luck is merely random chance, an outer and independent phenomena that brings an unexpected result. If you understand it like that, it will be like this.

But what if you can be luckier? 
Sounds contradictory, but it is possible.

Through the art of preparation we can pro-actively open our "luckiness" and be ready for the opportunity. In our case, the opportunity to perform a casual mental miracle being in-readiness (which is the true definition of "impromptu")

Be ready, be excellent with your practice and rehearsal so everything that flows during performance appears as natural. Luck is not mere coincidence, but a constant exploration of synchronicity, in which YOU are the meaning.

Stoicism is a fascinating philosophy that you can study not just in performance but in life itself, and if you are interested in using Stoicism as theme in your performance, check your "Stoic Book Test"

So, prepare yourself so you can become lucky!

Thanks Seneca for your simple and deep wisdom 



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