Open-minded Skepticism

As Mentalists we know how to create an alternate reality through our techniques and ways, and for some people this knowledge create a strange arrogance towards the unknown. 

Because I know how to create the outer reality of telepathy through the inner reality of a secret technique, that means that all apparent telepathic phenomena is not a valid reality?

Not at all. 

That type of logic creates a barrier in our openness and understanding of the same mysteries that we are co-creating with our audiences, and that is why the concept of "skepticism" needs a reflection from our view in order to truly appreciate the potential of Mystery Performance. 

It is known for all explorers of "Psychic Entertainment" that as soon as you open to the potential of readings, intuition, synchronicity and empathic connection, some strange, fun an mysterious moments can occur.  Personally I love to perform my  "Blindfold Act" for this same reason. If you leave space of silence and in-sight, fascinating revelations can appear apparently from nowhere. Not always (and that is why we can use our techniques as "safe-net"), but whenever something unexpected happens, it is appreciated as part of the experience.

That is why "open-minded skepticism" is a powerful idea to embrace. If we limit ourselves from the beginning to any type of non-rationality, we will indeed close ourselves to the potential of those phenomena.

Dont believe everything, of course that there is a lot of charlatanism, but if you close to everything (as some popular "skeptics") you will constantly find ways to avoid the strange nature of reality.

Keep your mind open, be curious, play with your "belief system". Who knows? Maybe truth is larger that our rational limitations.
If your epistemology is correct, you will find the flaw, but if your epistemology can expand, you will find fascinating new potential.

Thats why at Mentalism Center we offer ideas and publications both in Mentalism & Psychic Entertainment. Both rationality and non-rationality are part of your reality, and using both in combination can open powerful new possibilities for us as Mystery Performer. 

Albert Einstein, Carl Sagan, Rupert Sheldrake and Richard Feynman are classic examples of wise scientists that are/were humble enough to admit that our rationality is limited and reality is far weirder that we can ever understand. 

Socrates said: "I know that I know nothing", lets learn from that healthy awareness of our deep ignorance and lets explore this cosmic comedy through the power of "open-minded skepticism" 


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