Quote of the Week: Socrates

Today we observe this classic quote from the most influential Greek philosopher, Socrates. The wise man that declared this powerful statement about the deep ignorance of the human condition.

Why this quote for us as Mystery Performers? Because sometimes we fall into the trap of knowledge as the ultimate response to life. Knowing is relevant of course, but it is nothing if we are not aware of our natural limits. Understanding our ignorance is the best type of understanding which brings not just grounding but also a humble attitude towards the total mystery of everything.

As Mentalist sometimes we proudly declare "expertise" into the mind just because we learn a cool billet trick, which again, is a fantastic tool but it is nothing if we dont truly embrace our limits in the understanding of the psyche in a deeper manner.

That is why at Mentalism Center we focus in authenticity and realness beyond appearance. We need to learn in a genuine manner all four pillars of gnosis (philosophy, science, mysticism, and art) to truly explore the potential of our Mystery Performance.

Lets explore the power of intuition, empathic connection, symbolic interpretation and other real techniques in order to truly elevate Mentalism. Learning the secret techniques is just the beginning. The true space of unique expression comes from you!

That is why we just release "Esoterica" by Silas Linden, a new set of ideas that you can integrate in your performance and BE the real deal through subtle and genuine esoteric wisdom.

During this week, repeat "I know that I know nothing" and open your mind to the true mysteries.



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