Quote of the Week-Avicena

Today we invite to the fascinating polymath Avicena (Ibn Sina) with this beautiful insight about the mind.

Are you aware of the power of your own mind?

We dramatize the faculties of the psyche through our performance. We can go beyond normal language and reveal secret thoughts, we can pass the veil of time and predict events and much more, but are you experiencing that power in yourself?

In modern times we can learn through the different psychologies the importance of creating our future. The fundamental relevance of our language and the utilization that each moment in our life can have. Nothing is either "good" or "bad" perse, but an invitation to learn how to interpret that Outer Reality into our own Inner Reality.

In performance we can empower our participants letting them know that because they have a powerful mind we can connect, or we can make them weak telling them that the fragility of their mind allows the mindreading.
As you can see, the phenomena is the same, the understanding through language changes everything.

What is your preference?

Our mind is a tool, use it in a conscious manner. If you want to experience the power of your potential, be sure to check our "Mind Mastery Course" 

Have a beautiful week! 


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