Idea: Poetic Telepathy

Outer Reality

 She closes her eyes and hears a poem, focusing in one "interesting word".
After your poetic declamation, ask your participant if she is focusing in one interesting word from the poem. 

She says: YES

From that, you are able to reveal that precise word.

Inner Reality

Write a poem that contains several long words (which is expressed as "interesting word" during performance). 
Construct a Progressive/Branching Anagram for those words.

Do you want to learn about this classic and (sadly) misused method?

and if you want to elevate your telepathic performances, you need to study "Telepathic Artifacts" 

Being bold is not just about methods, but most important, about authenticity.

If you like poetry, use it in your performance. As you can see, you are one step away of a powerful and simple poetic propless mental miracle 



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