Quote of the Week: Neville Goddard

Today we bring powerful inspiration from Neville Goddard, the one that told us that everything is our wonderful human imagination. 

You can be a proper Mentalist by studying Mentalism, but you will be an integral Mystery Performer if you go beyond our common library of knowledge and start to learn from practical and powerful allied authors in the realm of the mystic understandings of the mind. Neville Goddard is one of them without a doubt

From The Kybalion we learn that "The Universe is Mental", and we can see that at the end of the day the "world" is just "our world". We decide the influences that enter into our mind, and our mind receives the language that then we use to explain what happens outside. 

We project the Outer Reality using our Inner Reality.

Everything comes from inside and it is observed as a mirror in the sea of illusion as Neville says.

In my early years as Mystery Performer I understood this truth and started to walk towards the crystallization of my visions. I played, imagined and worked hard and the opportunities started to appear. Works like Magic, and Magic takes time.

You dont need to believe in my words, just experiment for yourself and believe in your experience.

Mentalism as artform show us the power of the Inner Reality of your secret techniques and methods. They can create powerful experiences for our audiences.

If you are interested in learning more about this an use this fascinating themes in your performance, be sure to check our new "Feeling Book Test"



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