Quote of the Week: Carl Jung

Carl Jung, one of the most brilliant and deep thinkers of the XX Century was not afraid of the mystery of all things. Especially in our community of Magicians and Mentalists there are a lot of deniers of the mysterious, which is a strange repression. 

"I know how to do tricks that emulates magical and psychic phenomena, so everything beyond my understanding must be a trick" must be one of the most illogical axioms to believe. I assume that the extreme "close-minded skeptics" are as believers as the extreme "shut eye" believers, they just lost their magical hope.

No extreme will give you balance. Keep one eye shut, keep one eye opened.
Learn how to utilize your rational mind in order to serve the non-rational mind. The masculine in service to the feminine.

This "fashionable stupidity" as Jung said limits our exploration and natural curiosity about the true magical and mental nature of all human experiences. 

We dont need to "believe", just be open to the possibility that maybe there is more to experience, isnt that the true message of the sciences?

That is why at Mentalism Center we push the psychic arts with genuine explorations into the rational and non-rational alike. I can assure you that if you are open to learn techniques from both dimensions you will be able to transform your ways in powerful levels.

Maybe you dont need more tricks, but more principles and deeper understanding in order to perform the same performances pieces that you know in authentic and powerful new ways.

Explore our catalogue of Mentalism and Psychic Entertainment, and learn "new ways" to bring back the true mysteries into your performances.

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