Quote of the Week: Pythagoras

Today we observe a fascinating quote from mathematician, mystic and philosopher Pythagoras, related to the beauty and connectedness between different areas of human gnosis.

Mathematics, musics, metaphysics, physics, everything is connected. Sadly modern science assumes that everything is disconnected, argument that doesnt hold validity in normal life. If you feel stress, your body hurts. If your body hurts, you feel stress. If you are onstage and you are full of fear, most probably you will not perform in an optimal manner. Mind and body are not just connected, they are simply different manifestations of consciousness.

Mathematics are not just about hollow numbers, and in our case as Mystery Performers, we need to consciously learn about the power of numerology and meaningful applications of numbers. There are many "math tricks" without any type of deeper implications or observations from our part, and we can take other route.

We can learn numerology in a genuine and practical manner. Numbers are everywhere and they hold natural meanings that we can explore in performance. 
We can connect numbers with musical vibrations, with colors, and a lot more!

Are you interested in explore the deeper power of numbers in your performance?

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