Polish your act

No matter if you are professional or not, any student of Magic and Mentalism can create his/her own act, based in the unique characteristics of him/herself. At Mentalism Center we focus so much in the concept of an "act" because it allows us to truly appreciate performance beyond the mere individual trick. An act allows us to offer a narrative, a conceptual experience that creates an experience based in the themes of the performance and the potential of expansion for the performer, understanding the possibilities of offering something greater than just a "deception".

It is time for each one of us to truly appreciate the artistic power of all Mystery Performance.
You can transform your Magic and Mentalism into an artform. You can go beyond the mere execution of trickery to become a practitioner of the mystic arts. 

You dont need to change what do you, but transform what you are and HOW (and WHY) you do what you do.

Are you ready to improve your approaches?

In our "Authentic Performance Videocourse" I offer the the concept of an "Authentic Act", which consists in 7 pieces that you can perform in your own contexts that expresses your meanings and authentic ideas through performance. 

Are you ready to limit your repertoire?

With this I dont mean that you cant perform more than 7 pieces in your repertoire. Keep your wonderful curiosity and study as much as you want, but dont get lost the in the fever of buying the latest trick that promise you reactions and fame. 

Less is More. Polish your act and be ready to polish your art.

If you are ready to take the challenges, study with us and explore the deeper potential of Mentalism & Psychic Entertainment


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