Reflection After Performance: Thanks for your power

Welcome to "Reflection after Performance", a new Mentalism Center section in which I will share with you stories, learnings and fascinating experiences.

Reflection is an essential aspect in our constant cycle of learning. After our performances we can re-observe what we did so we can re-study and repeat all the previous steps (practice, rehearsal and new performance) in order to become better and better each day.

Yesterday I went to a colleague TED-talk type event. 
14 young students (my wife is colleague teacher) were ready to share short talks, sharing their unique views about different topics, and they gave me 5 minutes to offer them a brief experience of empowerment and focus. 

That is why I brought with me the "Haunted Key Pendulum" and a variation of the "OK Opener" (using this hand posture 👌 as a mudra of fullness, calmness and empowerment) so they can trust in the process and use the natural nervousness of the moment as useful energy.

The experience went as I imagined it, full of powerful words, silences and mysteries using the key movement as metaphor. After the beautiful talks (they all went great) one of the speakers (a very sensitive, poetic young man) approached me and said:

"Thanks for your power"

and I replied

"Thanks for your power".

Normally as Mentalist we avoid the use of the word "power" to deflect any hard-skeptic and their complete rejection of anything "unknown". 

Personally, I dont care about supernatural powers, but I care about pushing what is natural, and we have powerful natural abilities that we can develop.

We can develop the power of connection, the power of enchanted entertainment, of empathic communication, the power of offering others a bright metaphor through our mind games, we have the power of creating a smile, and much more. Yes, our performances explore the unknown and they can project belief in us as "psychics" or whatever, and at the end of the day, I am no one to cancel the belief of someone. 

If they want to use this experience as a way to validate their own belief in the possibility of the supernatural, is their choice. 
If they understand the experience of mystery as a metaphoric act of symbolic interpretation, is their choice.

We are just the artist conveying a message. Keep clarity in your own authenticity and let the mystery beyond the performance flow.

Mystery Performance offers an interesting way of darkness that opens a healthy pinch of uncertainty, confusion, fear and surprise. Mystery is a frightening thing as life, no doubt, and at the same time that darkness has a fascinating light to share.

He was grateful about "my power", 
and I was grateful of "his power".

Embrace your power as Mystery Performer beyond egotistical views of yourself as beyond them. Each human contains power. Your power is the creation of magical and mysterious moment. 

Is not about you, is about the experience that is co-created between you and them.

Embrace your power as Mystery Performer.



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