Quote of the Week: Charles Chaplin

Today we get inspiration from the powerful artistry of Charles Chaplin, with a beautiful quote that reminds us our decisions in life and of course, our path in the Mystery Performances.

Everyone experiences some demotivation or other type of potential barrier in our development in Magic and Mentalism, and those same apparent walls are the challenge to accept. If we elevate our view, maybe we can appreciate those walls as bridges, as new ways of understanding and learning.

If you feel that the state of the art is frozen, dead and without any interesting advancement, maybe you need to look to new horizon. At Mentalism Center we are always pushing the state of the art forward, towards authenticity, realness and true power.

The rainbow is out there, put your head up every day and recognize your own true mind skill. You have the ability to choose your view. Change it today if you need it and appreciate the beautiful sky of possibilities.

Every view has usefulness. Sometimes we need to look down, but dont stay there, in the same way that we cant constantly look up, because we can fall.

Move the neck of your mind constantly so you can get the full view of reality and you will start to value the true power of your mind in your performances.

Who knows? Maybe there is a constant rainbow for you to appreciate, and everything has the potential to be a path of learning.

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