Quote of the Week: Gertrud von Le Fort

Our "Quote of the Week" comes from the german writer Gertrud von Le Fort, reminding us the fundamental relevance of symbols as practical language in everything, including of course, Mystery Performance.

We use verbal language to interact with our audience using our script (which is an essential that we always repeat as part of our ethos), visual language with our props, gestures and images, but at the core of every way of language we can appreciate the power of the symbolic implication of each action and suggestion has.

Especially when we consciously apply symbols in performance, we are able to influence our participants and audience in subtle and powerful manners. As soon as you are aware of this fine dimensions, you will realize that you dont need to change much of your tricks, but HOW you are approaching them.

The meaning of a symbol is not an inherent property of the visual representation that we use. As Carl Jung said, a sign is dead because it has a close and fixated meaning, but a symbol is alive because it appears as pure novelty and potential.

That is why at Mentalism Center we focus in this fascinating possibilities of our performance. We can do more, just with a little bit extra of reflection and conscious application.

If you are interested in learning practical symbolism, be sure to check "Emesqua on Sigils" (just released!) and "Symbolic Artifacts



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