Kenton Principles-The book that can change your ways

For years people asked me about “the” book from the powerful universe that Kenton offers us as Mystery Performers. 
He has an amazing constellation of books, eBooks, booklets, audios, and video, so years ago we were talking and the idea of “Kenton Principles” appeared.

 Today, it is a reality. 

Listen: You dont need the latest trick that the marketplace is selling you as "THE trick that will fool..." whatever...
Save your money and GET this book as soon as you can.

Are you ready to destroy your pre-conceptions about Magic and Mentalism?
Are you ready to re-learn the metaphysics of what we do?

Magic and Mentalism are not just trick-based activities. In this book you will find the epistemology of Mystery Performance. The understanding that goes before learning information. 

The principles that can re-shape your ways in performance (and life)

In my beginnings, I dreamt with this. 
Today, thanks to Kenton´s generosity we are able to get THE definitive Magnum Opus of a living legend in Magic and Mentalism.

Indirection, Anti-Tada, Genuine Amazement, and MUCH more.

If you are ready to transform your understanding of Mystery Performance, this book will be an investment that you will enjoy for your entire life. I am studying his work since 2007 (time flies!) and I am still learning everyday.

Thanks my dear mentor and friend for your stellar contribution to the art of Magic and Mentalism. 


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