Quote of the WeeK: B.B. King

Today I invite you to reflect about the power of learning with this simple and beautiful quote from blues master, B.B. King.

Learning is a powerful action that you can embrace every day in order to continue your path of expansion and openness. Learning allows you to be naturally humble to understand that you dont know everything, and we can always hear other.

True learning is not just about information, but reflected experience. In our case as students of the Mystery Performances, learning new techniques and methods is just the beginning, and sadly this is constantly forgotten.

We need to act, we need to take all that study, practice and rehearsal and pour it into our context of performance (social or professional performance), in which we can get a deeper experience of true understanding, in which you can feel the moment and reflect upon it.

Learning=Experience + Reflection

Without reflection, there is no learning. 
Without experience, there is no learning.

And as the quote says, as soon as you truly learn, nobody can take that away from you. It is YOUR experience of learning. You are the one that knows experientially what works for you.

That is why at Mentalism Center we always push beyond the mainstream tendency of superficiality, giving you also tools of inspiration to take your Inner Reality and manifest it as Outer Reality in your conversations and interactions with others.

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