Quote of the Week: Bob Cassidy

Less is More.

Bob remind us today the power of simplicity in Mentalism. He was always focused in  the elevation of the art beyond trivialization, and you can see in his creativity the importance of offering a very direct and simple to understand experience to our audience.

Complexity is a value in our Inner Reality. We can constantly re-study our methods and secrets so they receive powerful reflections and new sophistications.

Complexity is not a value in our Outer Reality. If we try "to make the routine better" by adding and adding unneeded stuff, phases and props, people will feel that the performance is centered on that and not in the subjectivity of the experience.

Simplicity is the value that we can embrace in our Outer Reality, so people can define what they experience in a very simple manner.

"he read my mind"
"she predicted my decision"
"he bent that coin"

Obviously you need to infuse your script with your own unique authentic style so you are not just doing a trick without meaning, but the core description of the experience needs to be simple for the audience to understand.

If you study the classics, they are simple stories to tell.
Lets see a few examples:

Q&A: He asked everyone to write questions about the future, and then he started to reveal the questions

4DT: Three envelopes, three written pieces of information, he was able to reveal thoughts.

Prediction with one playing card: She asked me to imagine a deck of cards, and through a game of elimination I choose the card that she predicted.


If you are interested in powerful and simple Mentalism, be sure to check our section "Minimal Mentalism"

Keep it simple, keep it real.
Thanks for your constant inspiration!



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