Quote of the Week: Ingmar Bergman

A powerful quote of wisdom from Swedish film director Ingmar Bergman.

Improvisation is not just saying whatever, but a sophisticated skill of communication that comes only from a well-crafted and rehearsed script.

You need to be prepared to be spontaneous, that is why at Mentalism Center we focus so much on scripting as an essential practice for Mystery Performers.

Do you want to reach a new level of excellence?
Write a script for each piece in your repertoire.

This practice not only will limit your focus but also save you a lot of time and money from buying just unneeded "new" releases that are only misdirection for you.

Scripting focuses your time in an effective and practical manner. Scripting is a powerful practice that will open you the understanding of language as a magical intrapersonal and interpersonal dynamic. 

Do you want to use your words as spells? Study Wonder Words by my mentor Kenton and learn how to script your performances with our videocourse

The next level of your Mystery Performance is not a new trick, but a new understanding that comes from the true important aspects, being scripting one of them.




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