Quote of the Week: Finn Jon

Finn Jon is a creative force and unique Magician from Norway that inspire us today. 

How can we create an unique atmosphere in our performances?

If you are a professional performer, you know that expectation can play an important role. Obviously you are hired to amaze, so being astute is always needed to add elements of surprise and artistry. If you perform in art spaces and theatres, you know that preparing the ambiance is fundamental to bring the needed emotions and ideas.

Preparing your situations is not just a job for pros. Impromptu situations need proper preparation. Especially social/casual performances have an unique flavor that can create a powerful impression in your participants.

That is why we need to always "be prepared", not with props perse but powerful ideas. If you are interested in learning great pieces for your "Impromptu Act" be sure to check our catalogue.

Remember, you are the responsible of the creation of the atmosphere in your Mystery Performance.
Bring the best and your audience and participants will experience an unique and authentic moment.



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