Supporting Creators Directly

Piracy is a never-ending situation, as creators and as online space that honors creativity, we cant really do nothing to confront those sites that sells our ideas in unethical manners.

Yes, they are constantly being putting down, but they always find a way to pop up again.

Mentalism is a beautiful art that is moved through powerful worldwide creative forces. Every time that someone supports a pirate site, buying our creations without our knowing and original permission, you are damaging the art and damaging our meaning as creators.

There are many genius minds that dont publish anymore because of this. 

Please dont support those sites.
Thanks for your direct support.

If the site in which you are buying digital products are always offering lower prices, most probably you are supporting piracy. Please dont do it. If money is an issue for you, there is a lot of FREE content that you can study to learn Mentalism.

Mentalism Center is a space of respect and true appreciation for the art and artists.
Everytime you get eProducts from us, you can be sure that you are supporting creators directly, doing ethical business.

Lets build a new culture of love and true recognition.


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