Quote of the Week: Bob Cassidy

From "Fundamentals" (which is literally a fundamental reading for all Mentalist) Bob reminds us the power of Mentalism as a way of going beyond our personality. It is human and natural to observe in ourselves different traits and characteristics, and most Magicians and Mentalists use the art as a way of communication. In simple terms, we are social weirdos, and thats beautiful.

Personally, I am an introvert and I was very shy as a kid. I found in the arts (Mystery Performance, Music, Poetry, etc) a way of expression. Not defense or protection, but a path of interesting and beautiful interaction.

Mentalism can transform your limits into new potentials. Fear is not an emotion to remove, but an adventure to take. Pass through the natural fear of exposing yourself to others (that is why excellent practice and rehearsal is essential) and explore a new self-understanding.

You are far more than you imagine, and Magic and Mentalism can show you that.

Everytime I perform I feel fear, and that is beautiful. That means that I am alive. The art is to use that energy as a powerful vehicle of attention and care.

If you are interested in exploring your potential in a simple and direct manner, check our "Self Knowledge for Mystery Performers" videocourse and improve your skills everyday!



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