Inverting Roles

Normally we can understand the interaction of a Mystery Performance as a linear dynamic in which the performer is the one that creates the cause and the audience/participant the effect of that cause, but what if we invert that notion?

As performers we can also be participants of the mysteries. We can also allow ourselves to enjoy whatever happens from a curious perspective, especially if we apply genuine techniques such as intuitive insights during our performance. 

Our participants and audience members can also perform, if we allow them to do it with clear and simple instructions. In that manner the focus of the performance is not in us anymore as a fundamental condition, but with proper care and management, we can open this possibility.

What is the function of this inversion?

Creatively, we can transform the atmosphere of the experience in a powerful and beautiful manner. For example if you open the possibility, your participant can intuitively know something, instead of you predicting the mysterious outcome of the experience. In this moment is the participant the performer, and you are just a facilitator and observer.

Play with this idea, and you will appreciate the polarities of Mystery Performance beyond the rigid structure that commonly we studu.



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