Quote of the Week: Chuang Tzu

Taoist wisdom that is not only applicable in life but also in our performances from Chuang Tzu, one of the essential authors in this beautiful philosophy.

How can we flow in performance?

The mind is our tool that we need to polish and use before, during and after the performance in careful ways. We cant "think" in performance, that is why rehearsal is fundamental, so every preparation is done before our encounter with our participant and audience.

Prepare your performance so you can allow deeper and higher functions and possibilities during your interactions and conversations. If you think, you cant feel. 

Thought is the enemy of flow. Flow is essential in Mystery Performance, and if you see our legends and inspirations, you can see in them that state of just being without worrying.

Use your mind wisely, prepare your script, imagine your performance and then just flow. After the performance also you can be prepared for any conversation after the experience, so you are well prepared.

As you can see, we can reach the flow state (as in any other human discipline) with proper love and care. 


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