Quote of the Week: Christopher Walken

A powerful reminder from actor Christopher Walken, completely applicable to all Mystery Performers. 

Practice is not enough!

Repeat that as mantra everyday. You NEED to rehearse your performance before performing. Knowing the core method and techniques is just the beginning. From that essential fundation it is imperative to observe the subtle aspects of interacting with someone through our artistic expression.

You need to rehearse in order to move all your practice into your unconscious mind, and that takes some time. You cant think while performing. If you do that, people will disconnect from the human connection and start to wander about the rational aspect of your performance.

Your audience deserves your best, that is why we rehearse. People deserves to watch a performance, not your rehearsal. That is your own intimate space in which mistakes are embraced, because there are no mistakes in rehearsal. In performance, our audience deserves to experience a well-crafted moment of mystery, and that is only achievable through rehearsal.

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