Quote of the Week: William H. Gass

A powerful insights from philosophical writer Willian H. Gass

Alchemy is not just proto-science or magical ignorance, but a higher symbolic understanding of inner and outer transformation. The metaphor of transforming something useless into gold is not just a material possibility (spellbound?) but a metaphysical reality that you can explore every day. 

Go beyond your apparent limits and explore your deeper potential as human being!

Sounds too exagerated? Well, you are a Mystery Performer! You are exactly that.

You are an alchemist in your Outer Reality, lets be one now in your Inner Reality as well.

Musicians use sounds, Painters use colors, we use Language. Learn the power of your words, your script and your communication and you will transform your world. The fascinating thing is that you are already doing that from the eyes of your audience and participant, that is why our inner transformation and awareness is essential.

For that reason we focus at Mentalism Center not just in fun and creative new techniques and pieces, but most important than that, your own inner work.

Are you interested in exploring your deeper potential?

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True transformation comes from the inside



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