Quote of the Week: Leonardo Da Vinci

One of the archetypal geniuses of humanity reminds us today about the power of simplicity.

Being able to communicate something so complex as a Mentalism experience in a simple way shows your expertise as Mystery Performer. If you can express in a clear manner your intention and create a powerful mystery in a pure way, you are achieving a Minimal Mentalism experience.

Less is More, Keep the Essentials, remove everything that is not needed. In that manner the experience will flow naturally and powerfully.

If you are interested in learning impactful and simple Mentalism, you can consult the "Minimal Mentalism Tetralogy" and if you are interested in exploring the potential of being a Minimal Mentalist be sure to check our latest videocourse!

The invitation for you is to observe in a deeper manner your repertoire and be brave enough to remove everything that doesnt contribute to your goal as Mystery Performer. Only in that space you will find the freedom to keep a clear vision and to focus all your energies (time, money, efforts) to truly manifest your potential.



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