Story: A Business Card Saved My Day

Are you ready for a CRAZY synchronicity?:

 We went with my wife and 6-months old son to a beautiful hill in our town (Ñielol Hill), a natural space full with magic.
We had a great time of calmness, balance and playful activities.

We arrived to our home and I didnt found my wallet. I was ready to report this, blocking my ID and cards. During all this time I received several calls from an unknown number. 
Something told me to call back.

"Hello? Yes, I found your wallet on the hill, and I am right now in this spot..."

"that spot" was 2 minutes walking from home!

What are the chances that the person that found my wallet in a huge hill is almost my neighbour? 

He gave back the wallet, and he even invited me to his Yoga classes (he was a Yoga master) 


How it truly doesnt matter. Synchronicity is a beautiful reality that is waiting our attention. did he knew my phone number?
Because I had some business cards in my wallet.

That is why I encourage you to keep a business card in your wallet with your phone number, you never know.

Also, as you might know, a business card is a powerful piece of paper that offer us fantastic possibilities. If you want to learn simple and direct Mentalism with business cards be sure to check B´Cards.

A fun story that reminds us that maybe that "bad" thing that happened is not really bad at all, just a new opportunity to witness the everyday mysteries. 



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