Meditation for Mystery Performers AudioCourse

Meditation for Mystery Performers is a one-month learning experience that will bring fascinating ideas and awareness to your true mind potential.

Mediation is not just a "relaxing practice" but a genuine power that you can develop in creative ways.

In 4 weeks, you will receive 4 audio files (plus some surprises) from which you will learn

-What is Meditation
-Meditation as Meta-Practice
-Meditation as Practice (Inner and Outer)
-Fundamental Meditation for Mystery Performers
-How to transform anxiety
-Imaginary Rehearsal
-Practice as Meditation
-Suggestion, Trance and Self-Hypnosis
-3 Core Components of Meditation
-FOUR performance pieces using meditation as theme
-and MORE!

If you are interested to explore the real potential of your mind, this audiocourse is for you!



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