From Power to Meaning

Where is your Will as Mystery Performer? 

Meaning is a concept that is observed in order to push the state of our art, and one way to understand this complex idea is through the inherent concept of "power".

Normally in Mentalism the focus of the experience is in the mysterious phenomena, so the common observation centers around "power".

I am powerful to do this

You are powerful to do this

The philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche talked about "Will to Power" as the main human motivation, which is normally our way of living as well. In psychology we can see Alfred Adler taking this philosophy for his psychotherapeutic approach, but what if we can go further?

If we design in a conscious way our performance so the center of attention is not in the power that is demonstrated but in the meaning of that experience, we will be able to reach a new level of impact and interaction with our audience.

The phenomena is not the goal but a path towards an unique exploration of symbols and new potentials.

Lets advance our art from power to meaning. Lets put our ego aside for a moment and use all that power as tool towards the creation of the mysterious experience.

Will to Meaning is the human motivation, both in our living and in our Mystery Performance.

If you are interested in learning more about meaning, mystery and exploring your deeper potential as Mystery Performer, be sure to check "The Path of Mystery" 


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