Quote of the Week: Carl Jung


Carl Jung is a constant inspiration both for my work as Mystery Performer and of course as Psychologist. In his work, the concept of "trickster" appears as an archetype that symbolize the power of transformation from a space of astuteness.

Hermes, Robin Hood, Bugs Bunny, Trauco (Chilean mythology) and of course, all Mystery Performers.  

Normally some people say that we do "tricks", and we know that in order to observe Mystery Performance in a deeper way we need to go beyond the mindset of deception. One attempt is the "Birreal" Paradigm, that offers not just a new language to describe our endeavours but new depth of observation.

Another way is to use the Jungian understanding and say that all Mystery Performers are indeed artistic tricksters, using secrets techniques and technologies, creating a powerful new reality for their audiences and participants.

Being just a trickster is not enough. The "trick mindset" that is the mainstream approach to Magic and Mentalism reduce the potential of the performance. The trick is not the goal but a path. The secret technique is not the end but the beginning.

The Inner Reality serves the Outer Reality. There is no mystery in the mere knowledge of a secret. The true experience of mystery comes from the excellent execution of that secret. 

Dont be just a trickster.

Be a poetic trickster.
Be a sacred trickster.
Be a mysterious trickster.

In Tarot language, The Fool becomes The Magician.
We start as trickster, we become magicians of the mind.

If you are interested in more insights and reflections about this huge topic, I recommend you "The Path of Mystery" and "Jung for Mystery Performers" 


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