Meaningful Predictions

Mentalism offer us several techniques and ways to predict different decisions and thoughts. 
Everyone can learn a trick and pretend to predict the future, but what if we use the dramatic Outer Reality of our performance as a way to facilitate the genuine experience of predicting a future?

Yesterday I was talking with a friend, and I was carrying a set of "Arkanosophy Chakra Stones" , and during an emotional conversation I said:

"Let me write something that just appeared on my mind. Lets do a quick game of decisions and eliminations using this 7 colored stones"

Then he took several decisions, arriving to one of the colored stones, in this case the Green Jade. The paper was read...

"Green Energies"

So far, a classic piece of Mentalism, and surely meaningful in an intrinsic manner, but what if we go a step further?

"During the week, each morning and each night imagine yourself surrounded by a powerful imaginary egg of green energy. Connect with Nature, hear the birds, the sounds of the trees, and you will observe powerful natural transformations"

How beautiful is to extend the phenomena of Mentalism to practical and empowering levels?

The method for this piece? 

Mentalism is not just the goal, but a way that can transcend the moment of performance.



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