Quote of the Week: Tony Corinda

What is the first step from the classic?
Swami Gimmick?... Are you Sure?

There is a hidden secret, in plain sight.

You need to read 13 Steps backwards!

First we need to build the essentials of script, performance, understanding of our potential to create an impact beyond tricks, and then we can learn cool techniques and pieces from which we can express our intentions.

So this quote comes from the last step, that you need to read first. Today, even truer.

Dont get missdirected by the latest trick/gimmick. You already know enough, it is time to understand.

That is why  Mentalism Center we dont focus just in performances pieces and techniques, but most important, the inner exploration that offers you powerful self-knowledge and true learning.

Explore our Books and Online Courses, I am sure that you will find something that can nurture your curiosity and potential.



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