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The sheer size of Pablo Amirá 's body of work, is impressive. Pablo is a creative genius, whose simple and direct methods are only matched by his knowledge he shares in the theory side of Mystery Performance. His collective works, Simply Mental 1 & 2 are full of more "workers" than one could ever need. Also they contain some very interesting essays and other pieces of incredible insight.

The Artifacts trilogy is 3 books, each with there own unique approach. Symbolic Artifacts covers symbols in not just why they are important to Mystery Performance but how they can be easily applied as well. Cartomantic Artifacts takes some well known ideas, combines them with some lesser known ones to create a very interesting reading system. When it comes to Telepathic Artifacts, I think the quote from Kenton Knepper says it all, "If you can't do Mind Reading after you read this book, get out of Mentalism!". It really is that good.

His book The Path of Mystery is a book that in my opinion, every Mystery Performer should read. It gives such a solid foundation and approach to the art, that is almost unrivalled. If I ever had a beginner come to me for advice on where to start, this would be the first thing I would suggest they read. 

Ideas About Pendulums, is an incredible resource on Pendulum work. For beginners or seasoned pros, you could easily make a career on just the material in this book.

The Minimal Mentalism series focuses on a performance philosophy that I think is a part of everything Pablo releases. I'm sure he could entertain a room full of people for a whole hour with a single business card. This series is is full of "workers" that require very little in regards to methods and props, that I think would be useful to many.

Over on his website, he also has some other products including some awesome video courses and some live one on one sessions he does over zoom. These cover areas such as mentalism, readings, Hypnosis, helping people to construct an act and many more. I can tell you from experience, Pablo is a kind and generous teacher, full of knowledge and always willing to help. I would not be as good a performer as I am without his help.

FYI I'm not getting anything for doing this, I just feel like sharing with the world my excitement for what Pablo offers to our community. So if anything I've said interests you at all head over to his website and see if anything interest you.


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