Quote of the Week: Christopher Nolan

The great film director Christopher Nolan with powerful wisdom, completely applicable for us as Mystery Performers. 

Sadly most magicians and mentalist are afraid of mystery. We need to let go of all desire of being "too clear" or using purely descriptive scripts.

Our words can be channel of powerful, subtle and indirect storytelling. Saying only what is needed, keeping silence and suspense to increase the impact of the potential of our performance.

Mentalism is not just about rationality, but equally important, the emotional aspects. That is why we need to constantly craft our art in scripting, adding our own authentic lines and meanings.

Yes, in this way it is a more complex creative exercise, but also more fun an deeper. You will find a better performance if you approach your art with excellence and compromise.

Embrace the uncertainty, enjoy the silences in your script and you will not just be a Mystery Performer, but you will Be Mystery.

How do you achieve this level of depth in your practice?
Well, there are a lot of factors of course, but start with your script.

You can clarify your intentions, your linguistic techniques and much more in taking a conscious time to reflect about your communication in performance.

If you want to polish your scripting skills, be sure to check our "Scripting for Mystery Performers" VideoCourse


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